Ordering and delivering cakes and pastries

At Topgeschenken.nl you can easily order the most delicious cakes and pastries, which you can have delivered to any address in the Netherlands. With our wide range of cakes and pastries, there is always a suitable treat for the occasion. Freshly delivered by the best local baker!
Ordering is very easy in three steps:

  • Choose a cake and select the desired format
  • Add a card with a personal message and fill in the delivery address
  • Select the desired delivery date and pay directly or afterwards

Fresh cakes, fast delivery

Our assortment consists of a wide range of fresh cakes, optionally with your own photo or logo, luxury pastries and other treats. All pies and pastries are prepared in the traditional way by the best local bakers. If you place your order before 5 p.m., your order can be delivered the next day if desired. The bakers strive to deliver all cakes before 12:00 in the morning. 

Ordering cakes online

With our selection, you're sure to find a cake you want to order online today:

  • Cakes: From delicious whipped cream and marzipan cakes to fresh fruit, chipolata and mokka cake. All made with passion by our master bakers.
  • Photo and logo cakes:
  • Treats: Something for everyone with a variety of luxurious pastries and treats

Do you have questions about ordering or delivering cakes? At Topgeschenken.nl, we're happy to answer any questions you may have. Ask your question by email:  [email protected] or call us on 088 110 8050.

Who do you surprise with a gift?

Who do you surprise with a gift?

Through Topgeschenken.nl you can convey a personal message with a gift that perfectly suits the occasion and the person. For a birthday, an anniversary, a new job or as a token of appreciation. Not only very thoughtful to give, but also very nice to receive. A thoughtful gesture to show that you appreciate the person. After all, making someone feel good is always worthwhile.

And the great thing is: it is super-fast. With just a few clicks, you have not only arranged a suitable gift for that colleague or business contact, but also a smile on the recipient's face.

Choose your own
delivery date

Very fast


Various business

The people behind Topgeschenken.nl

Every day deliverers and employees of Topgeschenken.nl are busy delivering the most beautiful gifts for you, which makes us happy. Happy because giving a gift connects people and gives a token of appreciation to those who need it. That is why we put our heart and soul into delivering your valuable gesture to someone who deserves it.

The people behind Topgeschenken.nl