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Through Topgeschenken.nl you can convey a personal message with a gift that perfectly suits the occasion and the person. For a birthday, an anniversary, for commencement or as a token of appreciation. Not only very thoughtful to give, but also very nice to receive. A thoughtful gesture to show that you appreciate the person. After all, making someone feel good is always worth it.

And the best part is: it’s easy and super fast. With just a few clicks, you will not only have arranged a suitable gift for that colleague or business contact, but also a smile on the recipient's face.

At Topgeschenken.nl, we keep a close eye on your wishes and needs. For example, we provide a personal contact person, an easy ordering and invoicing process and, where possible, a link to our system. With our wide range of flowers, cake, fruit and other gifts, you can easily and quickly order a suitable gift for every moment.


For every moment.

Topgeschenken.nl is part of the company Topgeschenken Nederland BV which also includes the websites Topbloemen.nl, Topbloemen.be, Toptaarten.nl and Topfruit.nl.

We once started as florist. A wonderful profession, because it makes so many people happy. Happy because giving flowers connects people and makes those in need feel good. Delivering good feelings is still the reason why we at Topgeschenken Nederland BV put our heart and soul into delivering your valuable gesture to someone who deserves it. Flowers, cake, fruit and gifts.... Whatever it takes to give someone a moment's attention and make them feel: hey, I'm thinking of you.

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