Workfruit subscriptions

Delicious fresh fruit every week for extra vitality at work

A tasty and healthy piece of fruit has a positive influence on productivity and the atmosphere in the workplace. This way you keep your employees fit and vital and you can even reduce absenteeism. In addition, employees and customers appreciate a healthy snack and it contributes to a healthy image. Which piece of fruit do you take today?

50 pieces of hand fruit


24,50 per week


100 pieces of hand fruit


39,50 per week


30 pieces18,50
40 pieces21,50

50 pieces24,50
70 pieces30,50

100 pieces39,50
150 pieces54,50

200 pieces69,50
300 pieces99,50


Prices are ex VAT and 5.46 delivery costs. We deliver your 4-week trial delivery for free. Hand fruit is a weekly mix of apples, pears, bananas, oranges, mandarins and kiwis. We deliver bananas in 2 stages of ripeness: yellow immediately edible on Monday and green for later in the week.


Add some extras to your weekly delivery!

Such as a mix of delicious vegetable snacks (750 grams for 6.99), grapes (500 grams for 2.99) or avocados (1.79 each).

groentesnacks mini-komkommers mini-paprika witte-druiven blauwe-druiven

Groentesnacks mix 750gr


Mini komkommers 300gr


Mini paprika's 300gr


Witte druiven 500gr


Blauwe druiven 500gr

watermeloen avocado waspeen gember cherry tomaten

Meloen ca 1,5 kg


Avocado's per stuk


Waspeen 500 gr


Gember per stuk


Cherry tomaten 250gr



Immediately clear about the price

By removing intermediaries and largely purchasing directly from the grower, we can offer the grower a fair price and you benefit from a super fresh product at an attractive price. Win-win!

Delivery by regular trusted delivery person

At Topfruit, our fruit supplier delivers itself! So a familiar face every week on Monday. And we deliver to the place you want, even if it is on the 10th floor.

We are flexible

You're not tied to anything. The subscription can be canceled monthly. You can pause at any time and we don't bother about a change either. 

From our own orchard

More than half of our fruit comes directly from our supplier's own orchard! The rest is sourced as much as possible from local growers and traders. Read more about the origin of our fruit here.

How many pieces do I need?

We recommend 4 - 5 pieces per employee per week. Too much or too little? No problem, we'll adjust it.


Here's how it works:

Step 1
Place your first trial order or request a custom quote.
The first 4 weeks we deliver for free. After that you pay 5.46

Step 2
After 4 weeks we will contact you if you are satisfied.
Maybe you want to change something?

Step 3
Are you satisfied? How super fine! We will continue your subscription.
For each delivery you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
You simply pay afterwards via an invoice.



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