Special forms

Special forms of funeral flowers

Flowers for funerals centered on love, religion, or children often require symbolic and personalization.

Tips on ordering funeral flowers:

Where to deliver?

It is customary to have funeral flowers delivered to the address where the deceased is laid to rest. This can be a home address, a funeral home or crematorium. The funeral director makes sure that the flowers go with the deceased to the ceremonies like condolence and funeral.

When to deliver?

You choose your own delivery date, but to get a complete picture we also ask for the date and time of the funeral (if known). The water supply in the floral foam is limited. Therefore, we recommend delivery only a few days before the ceremony.

This way you can be sure that the flowers will still be beautiful at the ceremony.

Appropriate text mourning ribbon or card

With funeral flowers, you address the text to the deceased. You can think of a personal text or more standard texts like A Last Greetings or Rest in Peace. Don't forget to mention the sender as well. While ordering, you can choose a mourning ribbon (2 strips) or a card.

Extra urgency and care

Funeral orders are handled with extra care and urgency at Topbloemen, also on weekends.

Questions or advice?

For questions or advice you can always call 088 110 8000.

Memorial wraths

Starting from € 165,00

Traditional memorial wreaths for special occasions such as a memorial. In some cultures also appropriate for a funeral.

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